Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges

Contact: TraipsingThruFilms@gmail.com

​​Two-time Emmy Award winner Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges are featured in the books;

  • The Complete Filmmakers Guide to Film Festivals
  • Wheels Stop: The End of the Space Shuttle Era, 1986-2011

Their first feature documentary, Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars was broadcast on CNN over 20 times and continues to be used as a learning tool in schools across the country, and locally at the California Science Center.

They serve on panels, juries, and as consultants for films and outerSPACE.

Renee and Mj are film directors, content creators for social media, members of the media covering star studded events all over Southern California, and activist citizens who volunteer their time, effort and expertise​​ to create change, making

a difference through art.

Renee's background is in television news, working as a video-journalist in Los Angeles. She has extensive experience covering high profile events/headline stories including: The Academy Awards, Presidential Conventions, Earthquakes, Floods, High Profile Court Cases including the “Trial of the Century.” 

Mary Jo's background is in radio, working as a DJ in Los Angeles. She is an accomplished musician, music composer and songwriter. Mj is from Redondo Beach, a Loyola Marymount University graduate and surfer at heart. 

Films are in streaming distribution:

​More Award Winning Short Films:

​​​​​Directors: Two-Time Emmy Award Winner Renee Sotile & Mj Godges

Affiliation: IATSE Local 600,

International Documentary Association, Alliance of Women Directors, Cinewomen, Los Angeles Press Club, News Geezers, NLGJA