Foreign Eye in the Storm by Angelique Papadelias. 

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The sky is NOT the limit! Ride along with Commander Pam Melroy and her crew aboard Space Shuttle Discovery
on an exciting journey to the International Space Station. Strap in for Mach 25, and float in zero gravity on the
space trip of a lifetime.

"Being an astronaut is totally cool. It's the coolest job in or out of the world.” -- Pam Melroy   
"Promises to inspire teens to explore careers in this exciting field." -- Booklist
"Fast paced, fascinating and delightful film..." -- Democrat and Chronicle
Featuring: STS-120 Crew-Commander Pam Melroy, Paolo Nespoli, Doug Wheelock, Scott Parazynski, 

George Zamka, Dan Tani, Stephanie Wilson, ISS Crew-Commander Peggy Whitson, Clay Anderson, 
and Yuri Malenchenko.
Plus 20 Minutes of exclusive DVD extras with more Astronauts! Christer Fuglesang, 

Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Sandy Magnus, Alvin Drew, Roberto Vittori and Barbara Morgan.

At Recording Studio with Susan Sarandon

Samuel Goldwasser

Astronaut Pam: Countdown to Commander


Broadcast on Jewish Life TV (JLTV)

The personal voice and individual story of "Samuel Goldwasser" turns the increasingly distant history of the

Jewish ghettoes and Nazi concentration camps into an immediate, physically and emotionally experienced reality. 

With a subdued sadness and an insistent realism, Goldwasser recounts his youth against a backdrop of historical

images of cruelty and suffering, and we are left numbed and knowing.  "Samuel Goldwasser" is a testament to

the power of a thousand pictures and a single human voice.
Sam was preparing for his Bar Mitzvah when Hitler invaded Poland, drastically changing the course of his life.

From the eyes of a young boy, Sam takes us through six heart-wrenching years of his life during the Holocaust.


  •  “Goldwasser offers a sentimental recollection of the many stops along his journey to hell and back in a conversation that recognizes the complexity of human experience.”  Recommended!: 3*** out of 4 stars -- Video Librarian
  •  “Horrifying and sad in its inevitability, this documentary mostly impresses us with Goldwasser’s quiet dignity. A strong choice for history buffs and Holocaust collections.” -- Library Journal
  • “It is moving, heart-breaking, beautiful, and needs to be shared with the world.”-- Barry Goldfarb, Professor of Communication Monroe Community College
  • “It's a powerful personal work framed and told in such a simple manner. A heart warming portrait of a survivor.” -- Mitchell Block,  Academy Award-winning Producer

Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars

​Narrated by Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon       Broadcast on CNN

"You're Where I Go, Christa's Song" composed by Academy/Grammy Award Winner Carly Simon

In 1986, space shuttle Challenger exploded, traumatizing the nation and taking the lives of the seven-member NASA crew. Among them was Christa McAuliffe, the first Teacher in Space. Reach for the Stars is her story. Christa McAuliffe was a courageous woman and passionate teacher whose lifelong commitment to education was so great that she gave her life for it. In this film, for the first time McAuliffe's family speaks out about the impact of her death, revealing the deep private loss behind the public tragedy and how it drastically altered their lives. Previously unseen footage and candid NASA interviews surround the events that tore a family apart and brought a nation to tears.

"It is a portrait of a dynamic woman whose enthusiasm for learning and life-was infectious…" -- The Associated Press
“A compelling and honest account of Challenger 51L’s “Teacher in Space” mission.” -- Buzz Aldrin
“A riveting and unusually moving story, told from the inside." -- Ken Burns
"An outstanding tribute to an extraordinary woman, this is highly recommended. Editor’s Choice." -- Video Librarian
"...Moving documentary and tribute...touching profile...serves to motivate and inspire." -- Booklist
"...celebrates the extraordinary life of the first teacher in space anther legacy. Recommended for all collections." -- Library Journal
"...poignant and inspiring documentary…" -- School Library Journal
"An insightful, inspiring true-life saga, constructed with heart and skill." -- Democrat and Chronicle
"This film should be in all libraries and schools."  -- The Independent Magazine
"A Masterpiece!" -- Gilda DiPrima (Renee's Aunt)

Showcasing the history of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday & Ruth Brown, the film stars Sweet Baby J’ai who gives a stunning performance

becoming all three women right before your very eyes. SBJ received praise as the film won awards and went on to broadcast nationally on

KCBS African American Shorts


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Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday & Ruth Brown


​​​​​Directors: Two-Time Emmy Award Winner Renee Sotile & Mj Godges

You may not know her name but you do know her voice - and groove to her tunes. An original Labelle, Nona Hendryx was "B" before LGBT was a thing. A sexy force, Nona still puts the funk in funk. Exclusive concert footage. #Badassery


#NonaHendryx Transformation